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Meet the new Bruin: LaCarol Baynes

Photos courtesy: Belmont Athletics

LaCarol Baynes is a freshman on the track and field team from Houston, Texas.

Although Baynes began track in 7th grade, she was not serious about it until her 10th grade year.

Baynes competes in a variety of events and her favorite is the 400-meter hurdles.

“I’m a pretty versatile athlete so you might see me in the 200, 400, and 4×4 but my core event is the 400-meter hurdles so no doubt you will see me in that one,” said Bynes.

Outside of track Baynes loves to sleep, eat and watch Netflix.

Baynes’ favorite part about Belmont is the people.

“Anyone can just be themselves here and that’s very positive towards the self-esteem,” said Baynes.

Baynes can be seen competing with the rest of the track and field team throughout the spring semester.

This article was written by Jessica Boozer.

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