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Meet the new Bruin: Mack Mercer

Growing up in a small town, Belmont freshman Mack Mercer’s basketball career started through an elementary school program.

“In fourth grade, we had a little team that went into a different town and played on Sundays,” said Mercer. “That’s how I got started playing.”

The 6-foot-9-inch Mercer wears jersey number 25 for the Bruins.

Mercer grew up in Plymouth, Ind., which he said was a place where everyone in town knew each other. This created a family-style community.

Mercer became interested in Belmont due to the atmosphere created by the coaches and the other players on the team which reminds him of his hometown.

“The coaches and the players create a really good atmosphere here and we all get along,” said Mercer. “It’s just a great family.”

In his spare time, Mercer enjoys playing video games and reading books on basketball and leadership.

Mercer can be seen coming off the bench to provide a spark at forward for the Bruins.

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