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Meet the New Bruin: Michal Johnson

Mical Johnson has played tennis since age 11, but music is just as important to her as practicing on the courts.

“I heard about Belmont through my choir teacher,” Johnson said. “I always wanted to do something with music if I could as my job.”

Johnson learned about the tennis team while visiting Belmont as a prospective college student, and after that everything fell into place.

“I just realized that Belmont would probably be the best fit for me, and it has been so far. I love it here,” she said.

The other tennis players made Johnson feel at home right away, and she said she’s excited for what the upcoming season holds.

In her off time, Johnson plays piano, writes music and sings. She also enjoys the musical atmosphere of Nashville and the abundance of things to do in the city.

“I feel like I’ll never run out of ideas or places to go,” Johnson said.

Photo by John Langdon.

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