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Meet the new Bruin: Tori Simmons

For freshman Tori Simmons, choosing Belmont to play volleyball was an easy decision because of coach Tony Howell.

“I love Tony as a coach, and I love him as a person. And he’s just a really good influence,” said Simmons. “He’s someone I know, and he has morals that I believe in.”

Howell coached at her club volleyball team growing up, and she always liked his coaching style. So, she knew she wanted to visit Belmont.

“I came on my official visit and fell in love with my team,” she said.

Howell opened her eyes to the program, but ultimately it was the team that finalized her decision.

“I think that’s a really big thing with liking your team, and coaching is just a bonus.”

Simmons enjoys trying out different restaurants and exploring Nashville in her free time.

Be on the lookout for Simmons wearing a No. 3 jersey as an outside hitter.

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