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Meet the new Bruin: Tyler Vaughn

Freshman Tyler Vaughn has been playing baseball his whole life.

“Ever since I’ve been walking I’ve been carrying around a bat or a ball,” said Vaughn. “My dad was real big in baseball. He wanted me to pick something I was good at.”

Vaughn is now number 31 for Belmont and both pitches and plays infield for the team.

Belmont isn’t far from home for Vaughn, who is from Jonesboro, Ill.

“I’m far enough away from home to where I can’t run home to mommy every weekend, but I’m close enough so that if I need to go home, then I have that chance,” said Vaughn.

Playing baseball and Xbox is how Vaughn likes to spend his time, as well as deciding on a major.

“I’m leaning towards exercise science, but it’s still up in the air,” said Vaughn.

This post was written by Chaney Mitchell

Photo courtesy: Belmont Athletics

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