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Montrose willing to work with students, administration

Dr. Montrose Streeter, a candidate to fill the associate dean of students position, spoke with students on Friday morning about why he would be a fit for the university.

The search for the new associate dean of students began with the resignation of former Associate Dean of Students, Dr. Becky Spurlock.

Streeter is currently the assistant vice president for student affairs at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, a coordinative women’s and men’s liberal arts school in Geneva, New York. He previously worked at Carson Newman College and UT Knoxville.

He has held a variety of positions in multiple departments including Campus Ministry, Multicultural Affairs, Admissions, Campus Safety and Residence Life.

“Belmont appealed to me because you all here at Belmont unapologetically entertain being Christian,” said Streeter. “ … I believe one thing I can bring to Belmont is helping students in forming a not only spiritual identity, but a personal identity.”

The interview began with Streeter introducing himself to each member of the audience with a handshake and informing the crowd of his prior work experience.

Student representatives of organizations such as Community Council, Core Council, Student Government Association and Residence Life spearheaded the interview.

Each student was given a sheet of prompt questions and an evaluation form to turn into to University Ministries afterwards.

Students expressed concern for Streeter’s ability to bridge the gap between the students’ needs and the higher administration’s policies.

Streeter addressed these concerns by explaining that Student Affairs interpretes the practices and procedures for the students while also trying to find a diplomatic basis to help the students understand the changes.  

“Most students are reasonable and most administrators are reasonable. I see myself as that middleman – making sure students are heard. I pass them up and then pass them back to you. I do a lot to make sure I close the gap,” said Streeter.

Another area of discussion was Streeter’s leadership style in relation to the students and student organizations.

“I try to my best to be a transformative leader. I always use a lot of situational leadership; there are times when you have to coach students and then there are times when you have to be a dictator,” he said. “… I want to challenge and inspire, challenge the students to see beyond their perspective.”

After the student-led portion of the interview had concluded, Streeter began asking the students questions about what brought them to Belmont, their concerns for Belmont’s policies and student organizations related issues.

“I just want to make sure you’re comfortable and safe in your living and learning environment,” said Streeter.

At the end of the interview session, students completed the evaluations, grading Streeter on a scale of 1-5 based on his presentation and their satisfaction of his answers.

The next candidate interview will take place Monday, April 14 in Beaman A&B at 10 a.m.

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