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Nashville’s best haunted houses

Looking for some terrifying fun this Halloween season?

Nashville is home to some of the scariest haunted attractions around. From spooky hayrides to gruesome reenactments, this city has tons of frightening endeavors that any horror fan will enjoy.

Notorious for its intensity, Nashville’s Haunted Hell is one of the most frightening destinations in town. With a cast of over 35 live actors, this extra-long haunted house is sure to be unpredictable. The artistic detail is gruesome and the large-scale scenes are disorienting. From an eerie plantation home to a maddening underground world, this place offers a variety of hellish environments to fear. Though not for the faint of heart, Nashville’s Haunted Hell is a playground for anyone who enjoys disturbing horror.

If one bone-chilling experience isn’t enough for you, stop by the aptly named Nashville Nightmare. A ticket to this thrill park will serve as an entry into four unique haunted houses: Fairy Tale Hell, Industrial Undead, Phantoms and Reformatory. The houses include state-of-the-art special effects, detailed scenes and terrifying live actors. Be prepared to run, scream and flail your way through all 50,000 square feet. Plus, for an additional fee, you can try your luck in the park’s mini escape game.

Looking for a less traditional haunted attraction? Check out the Nashville Haunted Hayride and Woods. The hayride travels through multiple Hollywood-inspired horror sets, creating a tense yet familiar experience for any horror lover. Those who ride may encounter ghastly monsters and masked psychopaths, among other pleasantries. There is also an option to trek through the park’s haunted woods. The creepy scenes are unsettling enough, but actually being in the dark woods seriously amplifies the experience. This thrill park is the largest and longest outdoor haunted attraction in Tennessee, so visitors are guaranteed to leave with their adrenaline pumping.

Full Moon Slaughterhouse is Nashville’s longest running haunted house. Established in 1986, this attraction brings classic horror elements into historically creepy locations. Those who visit Slaughterhouse will take a self-guided tour through the allegedly haunted Old Courtyard Theater. Full Moon, the company that funds the attraction, also hosts horror movie showings and annual horror festivals. More information on these events is available on the Full Moon website.

For a spooky experience like no other, Miller’s Thrillers is offering a zombie hayride in which you have to defend yourself! Seriously, you get to shoot the zombies. Equipped with a paintball gun, you’ll have to blast away members of the infected crowd and try to escape the city. The guns are secured so passengers on the hayride cannot be shot. If you still haven’t gotten your fix of terror, Miller’s Thrillers also offers an hour-long tour through haunted woods for an additional price.

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This article written by Jordan Shatto. 

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