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New residence hall will open next January

Construction near the Bruin Hills apartments won’t be stopping anytime soon, even after the completion of Dickens Hall this fall.

The new Bruin Hills residence hall, phase II of the Bruin Hills construction project, is now slated to open in January 2013, said director of residence life Anthony Donovan.

The building will open only months after the recently announced sophomores-only Dickens Hall, its adjacent building, will open for students.

Opening the residence hall in the spring semester will benefit not only the building’s constructors, but also the office of residence life, Donovan said.

“The summertime is a very busy time to open a new facility, so many things like furnishing it and hiring staff are easier if you can do at a time differently than summer,” he said in an email, “Opening in January gives us an opportunity to offer it to our current students as well as next spring’s incoming spring population.”

Other than select students in buildings that will be demolished because of the building’s construction, it is not yet clear who will live in the new building once completed.

The planned hall will be similar “in style and composition” to Dickens, said Donovan. While built as a residence hall, the complex named after the Chairman of the Board of Trustees will house four- and five- bedroom apartments when it opens in the fall of 2012.

The building will also be the second phase of residence hall construction at Bruin Hills which began in Summer 2011 with the construction of Dickens and the parking garage under both complexes.

To accommodate for the new buildings, two Bruin Hills apartment complexes will be demolished during the summer and three others will be vacated by the end of the fall semester. Students in the latter apartments will be allowed to move to the new building, according to a letter sent to students currently living in those buildings.

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