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New website, same Vision

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

A note from the editors:

The Belmont Vision launched its new website Thursday after a semester of rebranding its online presence.

The website domain remains the same — belmontvision.combut the new layout now matches our improved social media and is better suited for the digital age.

This website was designed by the Vision's own social media editor, Lillie Burke.

The new website will be the home for all of our content, from breaking news and sports coverage to lighthearted videos, podcasts and Office Concerts.

“I think it’ll showcase a lot of our multimedia work that we've been doing, that we’re very excited about,” said graduating editor Anna Jackson.

The Belmont Vision won the best website award at the Southeast Journalism Conference in March, but the editors stood by the decision to change its layout.

This is a landmark change for the publication considering the site has not been updated in over a decade.

We look forward to continuing to serve the Belmont community with our new platform in the semesters to come.

“The new website is interactive, fun and colorful. It showcases the best of what student journalism should be,” said Vision advisor Dorren Robinson.

Anyone interested in joining the Vision can do so by coming by Johnson Center 108 or emailing the editor.

This article was written by Sarah Maninger and David Pang.

This story was updated to name Lillie Burke as the site's designer.

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hound attached
hound attached
Apr 24

We anticipate the opportunity to further cater to the Belmont community through our forthcoming platform in the upcoming semesters. doodle baseball

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