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“Once” to win Nashville

Belmont students will have the opportunity to receive exclusive discounts on one of Broadway’s most mesmerizing and original musicals when it premieres in Nashville next week.

“Once,” winner of eight Tony awards, has received glowing reviews since its Broadway debut in 2012. Now it’s on track to stun Nashville at Tennessee Performing Arts Center.

According to The New Yorker, “Once” is “unusually fun and heartfelt.” The Wall Street Journal says the show is “a love story played with fierce sincerity and unexpected honesty” and encourages readers to go see it.

“Once” is set to run at the TPAC Sept. 16 through Sept. 21.

This musical is unique in many ways, the first being there is no orchestra for the performance. Instead, each actor plays different instruments as needed throughout the performance.

Broadway touring actor Alex Nee will portray Andrej, a Czech immigrant living in Dublin who hopes to one day manage a restaurant. He is also the understudy for Guy, the story’s male lead.

“As Andrej, I will be playing the guitar, ukulele, electric bass, mandolin and cajón, which is a type of hand drum,” said Nee.

Nee explained his excitement about this production is due to his love of music and his passion for acting. In addition, Nee is excited about this production being so honest in the ways it portrays human interaction.

“This isn’t a traditional love story. It’s not fantasized. It tries to be real and accurate which can be awkward,” said Nee.

“Once” is truly an honest depiction of complicated human relationships.

The two leads, Guy and Girl, have each just gotten out of a relationship when the play begins. The attraction between the two is obvious throughout the performance, but both characters resist.

The tension between them builds and feeds the music they produce, creating magnificent pieces that allow the audience to connect emotionally to the characters.

“Love isn’t always the trump card. Sometimes you have to choose between following your dreams and being with the one you love,” Nee said.

“Once” will premiere in Nashville next week and tickets are still available. Belmont students can receive a 20 percent discount for “Once” and other shows with the TPAC University Savior option by using the promotional code “Belmont.”

Photo Credit to the Once Broadway Touring Company.

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