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Paisleys’ new nonprofit offers student service opportunities

Brad Paisley and Belmont are working together to open “The Store,” a nonprofit grocery store where people in need can shop for free.

The university is providing the property, which will be located on campus at 2005 12th Avenue South, next to the Belmont Ministry Center.

“I anticipate numerous opportunities for our community to engage with this initiative and to actively serve The Store’s clients in the coming years,” said university President Dr. Robert Fisher in an email to students, faculty and staff on Tuesday.

The Store is currently in the middle of the fundraising process, and construction is expected to begin early in 2019, according to The Store’s website.

Belmont Enactus has been heavily involved with the process of developing The Store by providing input to the board about how to make the nonprofit more sustainable.

As The Store is closer to completion and operation, Belmont community members will be able to learn about opportunities in which they can take part, according to the email from Fisher.

“I don’t see how this partnership could be anything but beneficial for Belmont,” said Sophie Riechert, the Enactus project manager for The Store. “Belmont students who are volunteering are able to see how the people around them are living and hopefully feel connected to helping the community and continue that through life.”

Paisley encouraged the Enactus students to take advantage of their time at Belmont as a chance to get involved and be leaders in the community, Riechert said.

Fisher echoed this sentiment in his email to students as well.

“I believe the greatest privilege anyone can ever have is to be in a position to help and serve another person. It makes me proud to see Belmont alumni like Brad living out that calling. I hope you will all join me in considering ways we can support The Store in our community,” said Fisher.

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This article written by Lydia Fletcher. Contributing reporting from Bronte Lebo

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