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Patti Myint speaks on Belmont’s International Market acquisition

Preparing the day’s meals from the kitchen of International Market & Restaurant, former owner Patti Myint has mixed feelings onThursday’s $6.5 million deal between her family and Belmont.

“The good news is that I’m very happy the university is getting it for education. The bad news for me is, I’m really sad,” Myint told the Vision. “I’ve been working here more than 40 years and all my customers — it’s just like my family.”

Belmont has not yet decided how they will use the property, but Myint said the restaurant will remain open for two more years. After that she is unsure of what will happen.

International Market — and the properties it sits on — have been a long-coveted acquisition for the university, as it continues to expand into the surrounding neighborhood.

For “many, many years” Myint said Belmont sought to buy her property. However, for many years she resisted.

She loves her customers, and didn’t want to lose those relationships, Myint said.

“They first become customers and now become like my family too. I’ve been crying and sad,” Myint said.

Myint will gradually prepare for the restaurant’s closing by decreasing her ordering of knick-knacks and other products. She has not planned anything beyond that.

“I cannot look that far, I don’t know how to. But we have PM and blvd. That belong to us too.”

“I do not know, honey, I’m very old now.”

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This article was written by Bronte Lebo and Harrison Baldwin. Photo by Harrison Baldwin. 

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