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Pembroke Night Live delivers laughs and entertainment with sketch comedy

A night full of sombreros, Yoda masks, black high heels and “Frozen” parodies, could only be the work of the “pembros” of Pembroke Hall in their production of Pembroke Night Live.

The performance Thursday night was the second annual Pembroke Night Live, the residence hall’s version of Saturday Night Live, complete with videos, sketches and live music written, directed and performed completely by residents of Pembroke.

Rand Walter opened the night with a live band.

Throughout the event, the actors took the audience on a light-hearted journey through the life of Pembroke Hall residents with their original twist.

Actors included Ryan Citrino, Michael Spencer, Cristopher Stayton, Juliano Rodrigues, Will Lauver, Jacob Metoyer, Quintan Craig, Shane Green, Dean Dixon, Alex St. Dennis and Jacob Magnuson.

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