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PHOTO STORY: Belmont students march to the Capitol

“Protect kids, not guns.”

Students from Belmont and around Nashville walked out of class Monday to protest for gun reform in Tennessee and the U.S.

The class walkout began at 10:13 a.m., exactly one week since Nashville police received calls of an active shooter at The Covenant School.

Belmont student Sydney Wood organized with March for Our Lives to join with students from Vanderbilt University, Tennessee State University and various middle and high schools in Nashville.

“I’m tired of what’s happening in our country and of having to sit and not do anything. If the government’s not going to do anything, we have to stand up,” said Wood. “We’re going to walk and fight for what we believe in.”

Belmont students take a moment of silence for the victims of the school shooting at The Covenant School.

Students walked from the Belmont Freedom Plaza to the Tennessee State Capitol, chanting, “This is what democracy looks like.”

“It’s really inspiring to see everyone out here. I see the community pulling together and fighting for what they believe in… it overwhelms me with pride,” said Natalie Schilling, vice president of of Belmont’s College Democrats.

“Just wait ‘til we can vote!!"

“This is a lesson students need to teach our legislators outside of the classroom: we need to protect children, not guns,” said Susan Wood, attending with her daughter from St. Cecilia Academy. “These kids have suffered enough. They are the futures, they want change.”

Context written and photos taken by Isaac Wetzel/Belmont Vision.

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