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PHOTOS: Eight hours at the Quad

Every place and every building on campus sees a variety of action throughout the day. We at the Vision highlighted the life and stillness of the Quad for eight hours on Monday, Aug. 26.

9:57 a.m.- Students hurry to beat the bell prior to convo hour.

10:49 a.m.- Trees make great pillows.

11:36 a.m.- Pillars and shade make for a cool waiting place.

12:16 p.m.- Gazebos act as a peaceful study nook.

1:55 p.m.-  University Marketing begins to take aerial photography of the Quad.

2:03 p.m.-  Prospective students begin their tour of campus at the Belmont mansion

4:01 p.m.- Even cars do not dare violate the quad’s quiet, pastoral rhythm. They form orderly lines and slowly wait their turn.

5:03 p.m.- Following classes, the Quad often serves as a meeting place for evening activities

Photos by Autumn Allison and Andrew Hunt

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