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Professors encouraged to work with students after internet outage

Students were left scrambling on Sunday morning after Metro Water Services unintentionally cut the cable that provides Belmont with internet access.

This outage came just four days before the start of final exams on Thursday.

“I am sorry for any inconvenience this interruption may have caused, and thank you for your continued patience as we work with our partners to resolve it,” said William Ingram, Belmont’s chief information officer, in an email Sunday.

Students were without internet on campus until Sunday night.

University Provost Dr. Thomas Burns encouraged students who were unable to finish assignments on time because of the outage to talk to their professors about their concerns.

“The internet outage was a challenge for all of us, and was completely outside of Belmont’s control,” said Burns.  “At this point I would encourage students to work directly with faculty if they require extensions based on the outage.”

Burns also emailed Belmont faculty Monday afternoon, asking them to give “grace and consideration” to students affected by the outage.

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This article written by Michael Smedley.

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