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Qualman focuses on building digital legacy

As the use of social media has rapidly risen, so have people’s frequency to micromanage their digital image, only posting what they feel will keep a perfect persona alive.

But according to bestselling writer, social media expert and speaker Erik Qualman, one’s digital legacy is something entirely embraceable, warts and all.

“In this digital age, it’s not a question of when we make mistakes, it’s when we make mistakes and how we handle them,” he said in front of a crowd in the Frist Lecture Hall Friday morning.

The author of “Socialnomics” and “Digital Leader” said the most effective way for people to build their on- and 0ffline reputation can be by placing their own personal, imperfect S.T.A.M.P. on their work, an acronym he centered his presentation around.

He started his acronym with simplicity and a specific avoidance of multitasking. He said as he developed for one of his books, he found research which showed multitasking lowered productivity and mirrored one’s work if he or she had lost 10 IQ points.

“I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford to lose any IQ points,” Qualman deadpanned. “We try to do everything in life, but we usually focus on the ‘every’. What we need to focus on are the ‘things’.”

Qualman additionally said one must portray a true and accurate version of themselves online and off by focusing on the what and why that drives him or her. Acting and taking initiative were also emphasized, especially when producing output as opposed to what Qualman called “thru-put,” or accomplishing non-productive, menial tasks.

To accomplish greater goals, he said one must map out his or her success in a way which makes him or her a forward yet flexible thinker.

“We need to be flexible on our path, but focused on our destination,” Qualman said.

Lastly, he called listeners to put a focus on giving all they could to the individuals around them, even in a social network setting where in-person contact isn’t feasible.

“When you give, then you get from your network,” he said.

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