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Remembering a Roommate: Jillian Ludwig

Livia Mehalovich and Jillian Ludwig, courtesy of Livia Melahovich

A roommate choice changed two women's lives forever.

“She was strong, stronger than anyone I’ve met,” said Jillian Ludwig’s roommate, Livia Mehalovich, in remembering her friend.

Mehalovich gave a statement Friday morning to the Belmont Vision about her friendship with Ludwig.

From their first night in Kennedy Hall as freshman roommates, their bond was undeniable.

“Me and Jill both decided we were destined for each other,” said Mehalovich.

They spent their first semester at Belmont becoming inseparable best friends.

“The bond between us was unlike anything I had experienced before,” she said.

Since Ludwig died Wednesday night after being shot Tuesday afternoon, Belmont’s campus has been in mourning, holding prayer vigils and a memorial in front of the Bell Tower organized by her friends.

“We did everything together. I am finding it more and more difficult to walk around campus as I see her everywhere.”

Although grief has surrounded Belmont’s students, Mehalovich has been remembering recent memories of Ludwig as her bright and lovable friend.

“As I go through my pictures and videos I find it hard to be somber as I remember how much fun we had together.”

“She was full of passion and energy, creativity, and a little bit of sass. She was strong, stronger than anyone I’ve met. Not to mention hilarious.”

Ludwig will be missed by many and her musical spirit will live on.

“She is safe now, happy, at peace, and probably playing some tunes in heaven with George Harrison,” said Mehalovich. Ludwig was a fan of the famous lead guitarist of The Beatles.

The community has come together to mourn but also celebrate Ludwig and her short but vibrant and impactful time at Belmont.

“She loved it here, and she loved all of her friends here.”

As the community reflects on what happened to Ludwig, emotions surface of anger, sadness and confusion. Questions arise as to how this could happen to someone so close to home.

“There’s absolutely no reason why this should have happened to her. It hurts that through horrific tragedies like this, this is how we are brought together.”

Mehalovich remembers her friend as someone who represented love and all the good things that can come from being at Belmont.

“I can only hope I will be able to find another bond like the one I had with Jill.”

“I’m forever grateful that Jill was a part of my life,” said Mehalovich.

There is currently a GoFundMe to raise money for Ludwig's medical, funeral and general family expenses.


This article was written by Joanna Walden

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