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REVIEW: ‘Homicidally Ever After’ solves the mystery of Zoom theater

Entertainment in a pandemic takes on a new form in Belmont Theatre Department’s “Homicidally Ever After”.

If the weather has you stuck inside this week, look no further than this interactive and innovative play. A comedic murder mystery starring famous characters from beloved fairytales, “Homicidally Ever After” enlists the audience to help solve a crime and name a murderer by the end of the 70 minute show.

The characters attend the annual meeting of the “Union of Storybook, Nursery Rhyme, and Children’s Story Characters,” but with one twist: it’s on Zoom. The show creatively implies that the fairytale worlds also live in a pandemic and accurately captures the experience of a Zoom call.

Utilizing a Zoom classroom’s many features, Shawn Knight’s direction brought the show to life in ways not previously possible. The actors humorously muted loud characters, went into breakout rooms, feigned bad connection and used Zoom backgrounds to show the location of different characters — from Belle’s Castle to Captain Hook’s ship.

Each actor’s performance was praiseworthy, from Dylan Collins’ lively portrayal of the Big Bad Wolf to Ellen Adelaide’s switch from the self-centered and pompous Willy Wonka to the kind and concerned princess Belle.

Adelaide’s double performance went nearly unnoticed until the cast list named her as two characters, leaving the audience impressed with her ability to switch costumes and backgrounds as needed.

Though dealing with a murder, the play is lighthearted and charming, making it a great way to support the arts while staying safe in our homes.

The show’s cast will perform throughout the weekend, offering shows on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 7:30 p.m.

This article written by Margot Pierson

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