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Rock Showcase 2016: The Pressure Kids

Steeped in the sounds of the Pacific Northwest yet spanning the continent in their breadth and intricacy, The Pressure Kids are an indie-rock band combining the songwriting ability and musicianship of Nick Johnston on rhythm guitar and vocals, Allan Cuva on lead guitar and vocals, Katy Carmichael on vocals and keys, Justin Bavier on bass and Zach Bodman on drums.

The Pressure Kids come from all corners of the United States, meeting at Belmont University where they began writing the glittery, sing-to-the-rafters anthems that would eventually see them playing at Pilgrimage Festival in Franklin, Tennessee, touring along the East Coast and selling out the release show for their debut EP “Tiger” at Exit/In.

Reminiscent of indie legends such as the Pixies, Broken Social Scene and Death Cab for Cutie, The Pressure Kids present their own unique brand of indie-rock, sharing their Internet-era coming of age story with hundreds at their energetic and transcendent live performances.

“The Pressure Kids has been our little science experiment for the past four years, a mismatched collage of friends and feelings and failures and hope and fear and love and forgiveness,” said Johnston. “We’ve had the infinite pleasure to be able to share our songs with a bunch of people in a bunch of places during our run so far. Playing the Rock Showcase is a real dream come true for us.”

The Pressure Kids are currently recording new music, releasing their two most recent singles “Catherine in Moonlight” and “You Missed Your Chance” earlier in 2016.

Catch The Pressure Kids at the 2016 Rock Showcase Saturday at 7 p.m.

This article was written by Forrest Brown. Image courtesy of CEMB Showcase Facebook page.

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