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SGA holds first Town Hall meeting

In an effort to grow communication between the student body and congress, the Student Government Association held its first Town Hall meeting on Friday, Nov. 30.

Part of that communication has involved the implementation of the SGA Trail, where members of SGA travel to various parts of campus every other Wednesday to collect feedback from the student body.

Needs addressed in the feedback included more dining, convo scanners, trash cans, seating in lobbies, better advising system, too much focus on freshmen and more room for fitness.

According to SGA Vice President Sarah Currey, current possible solutions involve the continuation of discussion with senior leadership as well as meeting with dining services for longer dining hours and Sports Plex and the YMCA for fitness partnerships that could offer discounts to Belmont students.

“We are also looking at a Week 1 training for professors so that they can be better acquainted with the majors they will be working with,” Currey said.

SGA President Jim Darter also said that senior leadership is coming closer to making a decision on deciding what dining options will be available in the new Wedgewood academic building.

The issue of lack of study space is also expected to see some resolution in the the Wedgewood building.

“There’s going to be  lots of new study space, especially  in lobby areas in all four floors. It will be a great boost to the study areas we have, especially on that side of campus,” Darter said.

SGA’s next Congress meeting will be Monday at 5:00 p.m. in McWhorter 114.

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