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SGA opening meeting

Belmont’s Student Government Association conducted its first meeting of the school year on Monday night, introducing new electoral legislation and by-laws affecting grants given to student organizations.

SGA President Jeanette Morelan called to action the crowd of approximately 30 representatives from the sophomore, junior and senior classes, encouraging them to become active members in the student government process.

“You are all here for a reason,” she said.

After the remarks, different cabinet members and congressional committees began reporting on new amendments and policies.

Sophomore treasurer Jonathan Rankin then introduced two new by-laws to the assembly, dealing with the grants given to student organizations.

Currently, there is a limit on the amount of money SGA can dole out to student organizations but if these bills are passed then there would be no percentage ceiling on the amount distributed. So instead of SGA only being able to give a cap of 80 percent total funding for an event, they could now possibly give upwards to 100 percent in grants.

The motion passed after some debate and will be voted on at the next SGA meeting on Sept. 8.

Junior Policy Review Chair Braden Stover closed the meeting by introducing two new amendments, one reserving 10 spots in Congress for freshmen, which would take place in the fall of 2015. The second amendment would require a SGA representative to act as a liaison for different student organizations.

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