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Sierra Jones signs with Ausarata Barakaldo E.S.T. in Spain

Former Belmont women’s basketball star Sierra Jones has signed with the professional Spanish club Ausarata Barakaldo E.S.T..

“I woke up on June 19 to a message via Facebook with a coach reaching out to me asking if I would like to play in Spain and play for him,” Jones said.

Before graduating in May, Jones was one of the core members of Belmont’s women’s basketball team — which won three straight Ohio Valley Conference tournaments and 46 straight conference games.

In her final season as a Bruin, Jones averaged 5.1 points per game and 4.2 rebounds per game.

“Belmont did everything possible for me,” said Jones. “I’ve learned how to put myself last and others before me on and off the court.”

But Jones’ time at Belmont was also full of difficulties, including a car accident and a mysterious illness.

“My first three years were rough on and off the court. I got hit with life many times, but I had the right people around me. My relationship with God was strengthened because of it, and I have learned how to handle adversity,” Jones said.

Jones majored in Spanish during her time at Belmont, so the language barrier won’t be a major difficulty for her as she transitions to living in Spain, but she’s still excited about the unexpected parts of moving to a new country, she said.

“I believe that’s the best part because I’m not in control, God is!” Jones said. “And as a basketball player, I want to really continue to enjoy playing this game and get better each day and see where that takes me.”

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