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Students plan protest at ribbon cutting


A group of students is planning a protest against Belmont’s administration at Wednesday morning’s ribbon cutting ceremony for the reopening of the South Lawn.

There is a Facebook event for the protest, hosted by a Facebook user under the name Belmont Protest.

The protest is in response to “the administration’s disregard for our student voice,” according to the description on the Facebook page. It calls for students who attend to paint their faces, chant and make signs, but to keep the protest peaceful.

Chief of Campus Security Pat Cunningham said any planned protests or events need to be in line with Belmont’s Bruin Guide.

“We’d expect students to be free to express their opinions, as long as it’s done in a manner that’s consistent with the community expectations outlined in the Bruin Guide (i.e. legally, safely, without disrupting classes/events, etc.),” Cunningham said in an emailed response to the Vision.

The Bruin Guide states:

“As members of the Belmont community, students can expect reasonable actions will be taken to ensure that their experience is free from behaviors that compromise this commitment. Such behaviors include, but are not limited to: disruption or obstruction of teaching, research, convocation, campus life programs and events, residential education, administration, disciplinary proceedings and/or other University activities including public-service functions or authorized non-University activities occurring on University premises.”

The protest organizers did not respond when contacted by the Vision for comments.

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