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Summer Summary: Songs from Belmont artists

The new semester is in full swing but the hot and sunny days make it hard to leave the summer behind.

From pop summer singles to garage band jams and sad indie ballads, the Vision’s Summer Summary Playlist offers a fusion of genres that keeps listeners in the summer season and recognizes the community’s emerging artists and their latest releases.

Here’s a list of some featured songs!

Two-Faced– Keep the Eleven

“Two-Faced” is the second summer release by rock band Keep the Eleven. The song embodies the challenge of battling with different versions of oneself, with an early 2000s melody and a heated call-and-response between sophomores William Laskey on drums and Reece Bittner on lead guitar.

Open Your Eyes/ Back of My Mind– Second Hand

Second Hand, an alternative folk duo made up of juniors Amel Steward and Ky Brandes, released “Open Your Eyes/ Back of My Mind” with their sophomore EP, “I Don’t Want To Change,” in May. The track is made up of two songs written at different times, but with the same emotion. The two-parter is a “retrospective cry” about desperate sadness that is challenged with a gradual transition into an upbeat tempo.

Shotgun Sun– RV!

The 2021 Battle of the Belmont Bands Winner, RV! released “Shotgun Sun” in May as an indie-surf-pop summer single. The song’s upbeat guitar tones, played by senior Adam Krodel, reflects a trendy beach-pop vibe and hints of Harry Styles with its light electronic tones.

Heart He Didn’t Break– Keller Rae

“Heart He Didn’t Break” was written by senior songwriting majors Keller Rae and Anna Lee Palmer and is Rae’s second single. The song pulls listeners into the room of a father-daughter

conversation and recognizes the hardships of heartbreak and the search for the right one— it is classic country storytelling, but without the acoustic guitar.

Bubblegum Bump– Girls Night

“Bubblegum Bump” was inspired by Japanese city-pop and is featured on Girls Night’s debut EP, “To Night,” released in July. The band’s synergized jazz groove and psychedelic funk is captured in the upbeat dance jam that’s topped with an 8-bar drum solo from School of Music 2022 alum, Kyle Germain.

555– CHLSY

“555” was released as the lead single to CHLSY’s “Quantum Entanglement,” their new EP to be released next month. The band’s 90s grunge-influenced alternative-rock sound is led by vocalist and guitarist Chelsea Gilliland, a 2021 Curb College alum. The break-up song was inspired by Gilliland’s angel numbers that signify the need for change. It is lyrically driven with a catchy, head-banging melody and obvious influences by Paramore and Sublime.

Space Between the Bed and the Wall– Hannah Cole

“Space Between the Bed and the Wall” is featured on senior songwriting major Hannah Cole’s recently released debut EP, “Cradle.” Sharing similar indie-alternative tones to a Phoebe Bridgers and Faye Webster sound, the song recognizes feelings of abandonment and belittlement with a consoling melody.

Call It All Off– Annie DiRusso

The winner of the 2020 Pop/Rock Showcase and 2021 Curb College alum, Annie Dirusso released “Call It All Off” this month, blending buzzing, garage-rock guitars with a pop-infused flair. The song was co-written with Atlantic Records artist Briston Maroney and was released with a music video that features a clay-version of DiRusso, using physical self-reflection to show inner and outer-disconnection.

Check out the full playlist below!

This article was written by Emma Halloran

PHOTO: Summer Summary Playlist. Sarah Maninger/Belmont Vision

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