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Suspicious activity at Lila D. Bunch Library reported to campus security

Three men were reported suspiciously loitering both inside and in front of the Lila D. Bunch Library at 11 p.m. Thursday night.

According to an email sent out by the Office of Campus Security, one of the men asked a female student if he could “be her guest,” while the second man roamed aimlessly through the stacks in the library. The third was loitering outside of the library next to their vehicle.

The vehicle’s tag was reported as being stolen, according to Metro Police.

When a campus security officer approached the men, one of them “immediately walked away” while another briefly spoke with the officer but refused to provide identification.

After the encounter with the officer, the three men got into their vehicle and drove away.

The first man was described as being white with a slender build and having short, curly dark blonde or light brown hair. He was wearing a hoody and baggy blue sweat pants.

The second man was reported as being a heavyset black male with glasses and short black hair. He was dressed in baggy white shorts and a short-sleeve T-Shirt.

The third man was described as a hispanic male with short black hair, arm and neck tattoos and having a slim build. He was wearing a white sleeveless T-Shirt.

Campus Security is investigating the incident.

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