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Tattoo of the week: Eve Maret

While most girls were rushing for a sorority during Labor Day weekend Eve Maret had other, more permanent plans.

On Sept. 6 Matt Wolf inked Maret and her mom with similar tattoos at the Blackbird Tattoo and Gallery.

“We wanted a permanent means to express one’s importance to the other,” said Maret.

Beneath her collarbone, on the left side, Maret has a tattoo of six numbers.

These numbers have significant meaning to Maret; they represent her mom’s birthdate. In turn her mother got Maret’s birthdate tattooed on her side, uncomfortable with the idea of having an easily visible tattoo.

“My mom brought about my existence and I owe my life to her,” said Maret.

The font of the numbers makes it look as if Maret has been stamped or imprinted.

Specifically, it is supposed to resemble a serial number instead of a literal representation of her mom’s birthdate. The edgy numbers are there to, hypothetically, pull people in.

“I love the simplicity of my tattoo along with its austere, mechanical look,” said Maret.

Maret has a couple other tattoos and this one was the least painful. There was, of course, an element of pain, but she said it was absolutely worthwhile.

“It was lovely to share in the, somewhat painful, but ancient artistic practice,” said Maret. “It confirmed the cosmic and perfect process of creation my mom and I both are products of.”

-Erin Lewis 

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