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Tattoo of the week: JC Balserak

Fossils and tattoos have little in common at first glance.

But freshman JC Balserak found a way to combine both in his colorful upper-arm tattoo.

On his left arm is the Tyrannosaurus rex from the end of the film “Jurassic Park,” complete with the iconic banner that reads “Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth” that falls just as the dinosaur lets out a deafening roar.

And just like a fossil, Balserak’s tattoo is a look to the past.

“I watched ‘Jurassic Park’ just about every day of my life until I was probably, like, six or seven,” he said. “It was such a huge deal. For the longest time, I wanted to be a paleontologist because I loved dinosaurs so much.”

The unchanging aspect of fossils is exactly what Balserak wanted to capture with his ink. He said the tattoo serves as a reminder of who he really is, where he comes from and where he needs to go.

“I finished the tattoo right before I came to Belmont,” he said. “And I got it because no matter, you know, what happens in my life, or where I go … it will always be that, you know, it won’t change. I won’t change. As long as I have this thing-y on my arm, I won’t forget who I am. I won’t pretend to be someone I’m not.”

-Grayson Hester 

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