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Tennessee elects new representatives to House, Lee stays in Capitol

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Belmont Vision Multimedia/Lillie Burke
Belmont Vision Multimedia/Lillie Burke

The state of Tennessee made its choices for governor, house representatives and senate during Tuesday’s midterm elections.

No red wave occurred, like some officials thought it would, but those elected in Tennessee were a majority republican candidates.

After the 2020 census Tennessee redrew district lines, and as a result, Nashville is being represented by three congressional districts. Middle Tennessee now shows no blue majority. Once seven Republican and two Democrat representatives, the split of Davidson County resulted in eight Republican and one Democrat representative.

Nashville’s new congressional representatives are Mark Green for District 7, John Rose for District 6 and Andy Ogles for District 5. Belmont falls in District 7.

Incumbent Republican Gov. Bill Lee won by over 500,000 votes giving him the majority and reelection for a second term.

Some ballots from states like Georgia and Arizona are still being counted.

This article was written by Gracie Anderson

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