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The Wild put on high energy show dashed with southern comfort

It can be difficult in this day and age to make the banjo look cool, however, Atlanta’s The Wild seem to have no problem doing so.

With a healthy mix of shredding banjos and guitar, spastic drumming, and harmonizing vocals, The Wild delivers a high energy and incredibly entertaining live performance. All paired with the perfect dash of southern comfort.

The Georgia quintet performed recently at The Owl Farm with You Blew It! and several other local Nashville bands. It was a show that did not disappoint.

High energy and an electric stage presence welcomed The Wild’s audience to dance, sing along, and just join in the controlled chaos. The Wild’s live performance reflects the folk punk styling of older Against Me! and Andrew Jackson Jihad while still maintaining the minute country twist of both Bright Eyes and The Avett Brothers.

The dual fronted band provides an excellent blend of both male and female vocals. With Dianna Settles providing softer melodies combined with Witt Wisebram’s raspy and grinding vocals, the band excels at combining a drastic difference of sound and will encourage listeners to branch out.

All in all, The Wild’s live performance is nothing short of spectacular with a mix of high energy and country twang. Exposing the DIY scene to a new blend of music will give listeners a chance to hear a refreshing style of music and test the waters of genres they may have previously ignored.

Simply put, The Wild, makes the crowd go wild.

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