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Title IX Director Molly Zlock to resign from position

Molly Zlock, director of Title IX compliance and prevention programming, will be resigning from her position at Belmont, effective Dec. 1, said Vice President for Administration and University Counsel Jason Rogers.

“Before we had Molly as part of the team at Belmont, we didn’t have somebody who was acting as Title IX coordinator in the capacity that she was,” said Provost Dr. Thomas Burns. “It’s always hard to have somebody who’s been important to the development of certain opportunities leave.”

Zlock will move on to a new position at Vanderbilt University next semester as the manager of the Title IX compliance team.

In the meantime, Assistant Chief of Campus Security Marlene Hall will act as interim Title IX Coordinator.

The position is not filled yet, but the university hopes to have it filled full-time as soon as possible, said Rogers.

Since her hiring in 2015, Zlock has worked extensively with students on Title IX issues, including creating programs designed to end sexual violence and partnering with organizations like Bridge Builders to help support Belmont’s LGBT community.

“I’m proud of the work Belmont has done since I’ve been here. Since the moment I’ve come on, I’ve seen that Belmont is really committed to ending sexual violence on campus,” said Zlock. “You see across campus this desire of all students — men and women — who really want to change the culture and really want to play a part in that.”

Bridge Builders President Hope Gipson got to know Zlock personally during her sophomore year. Since then, Bridge Builders and Zlock have grown incredibly close.

“I know from my own personal experience being able to see people in my life and in my club, there were people that were completely uncomfortable that were dealing with all sorts of situations — like being harassed, or bullied or anything — they were uncomfortable talking to Belmont about that,” Gipson said. “Since Molly has been here, it’s been completely different.

“People have felt safe talking to her.”

In her time at Belmont, Zlock took to the task of making Belmont’s LGBT community feel safe and included at the university, said Gipson.

“I can’t say enough how positively impactful Molly has been for the LGBT community at Belmont,” said Gipson. “I really do think she was one of the people who led me to believe true change can happen at Belmont, true positive change to make the LGBT accepted here.”

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