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Two Belmont students suspended after hosting House Show.

Students Jack Keller and Jared Chapman sat outside the Jack C. Massey Business Center with petitions Friday asking students to weigh in on whether they should be suspended or not for violating Belmont policy.

The two seniors were suspended after the Belmont Community Accountability Council found the two guilty of violating the Belmont Code of Conduct after they hosted a house show at their off-campus home Sept. 12. The charges stem from a complaint sent to Belmont, as well as Nashville Metro Police, by a neighbor citing a excessive noise complaint from from the party.

Keller and Chapman said the neighbor lodged the complaint after students congregated in his yard after police broke up the party.

 Although the police responded to the noise complaint, no report was ever filed, said Keller and Chapman. The responding officers directed the seniors to ask students to leave and turn off the music. Only a verbal warning was given, they said.

 Alcohol was not served to minors, said Keller and Chapman .

 Keller and Chapman said they were unaware of any concern regarding the party until four days later when they received notification from Belmont. The two were suspended from the fall semester under the community responsibility violations of failure to be good neighbors and failure to demonstrate responsible citizenship.

 The two also face a personal integrity violation, which includes creating unsafe conditions for other students.

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