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Two Heads unveils Belmont-branded hot sauce

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Dr. Jeremy Fyke has been teaching in the communications studies department at Belmont for six years, but another passion of his lies beyond the classroom and in a world of heat and flavor.

Hot sauce.

Fyke took his love for Belmont and combined it with his love of hot sauce to create the Belmont hot sauce chock full of school spirit: Bruiser’s Bite.

His company Two Heads, a sponsor of Belmont Athletics, was approached by the university about a collaboration. From there, Fyke went on to develop a sweet, smoky green sauce that has been dubbed “good on everything” by its creators.

“We wanted something that was mild so everyone could enjoy it,” Fyke said.

Fyke and his friend Casey Maples started up a hot sauce business in the fall of 2020. Their business started out as merely a hobby that turned into something more right before their eyes.

“Within about two months, we sold 400 bottles with no website,” he said.

Referrals from friends and family allowed their hobby to grow into a blossoming business, and that’s how Two Heads Hot Sauce came to be.

Their website explains their business best: “Jeremy and Casey are just two good lookin’ bald dudes from Tennessee who turned a pepper addiction from passion project to booming business faster than you can say smokin’.”

Fyke, a personal fan of all-things hot sauce, has a deep love for cooking and the food industry itself. From these interests, he was able to develop a company that not only he loves and values but one that lights a fire in others as well.

“Business took off four months in. We shifted from self-make to manufacturing,” he said.

Each product sold is Tennessee-made in the town of Springfield, and from their best-selling Nash Dust seasoning blend to their Music City Heat sauce, each product focuses on heat you can taste.

“They want it hot but they want flavor,” he said. “Making hot sauce that tastes good is hard, but we can do it.”

He has felt encouraged by the people of Belmont throughout his business journey by his products being sold at athletic events, The Belmont Store and online purchases by faculty and students. He wishes to communicate this encouragement within this officially licensed Belmont sauce. 

“Students tend to be patient with me and my hot sauce references,” he joked. 

Fyke says that Belmont feels like home, and now his passion project has a place here, too.

Bruiser’s Bite is now available for purchase a the Belmont Store or at Two Heads’ online store

PHOTO: Bruiser’s Bite on the shelves at the Belmont Store. Lilly Owens/Belmont Vision

This article was written by Lilly Owens and Jackson Herrman.

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