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Two more Greek groups may come to BU

President Bob Fisher has a vision for a more diverse campus, and one of the steps toward that might be the addition of another African-American founded Greek letter organization being chartered at Belmont.

Kappa Alpha Psi, Fraternity, Incorporated held its first interest meeting last month inside of a Massey conference room.

At the interest meeting, led by Kappa Alpha Psi alum, attendees learned basic information about the fraternity including the purpose and eligibility requirements in order to become members.

The fraternity could be on campus as soon next month, according to Greg Manogin, Belmont financial aid counselor and Kappa Alpha Psi alum.

“There is a 50 percent chance it could be here this fall and 75 percent it will be in the spring,” he said. “The only

thing holding us back is the burden of regional and national paperwork.”

Manogin said he feels Kappa Alpha Psi will attract new minority students to Belmont while grabbing the attention of male students who are already on campus.

Senior Travis Burns attended the interest meeting and said he believes the fraternity is right for him.

“It defines and entails everything that I’m about,” he said. “I feel like bringing Kappa to Belmont would replicate the proper image of the African-American male.”

Burns is African-American, and while he said he respects Kappa Alpha Psi’s minority founding history, it’s not the main reason for his interest.

“The mission statement says Kappa’s are excellent in every field of human endeavor. I pride myself in being excellent in everything that I do. It has nothing to do with my race and all to do with what type of person I am.”

Curtis Pettaway, also a senior, shares the same emotion as Burns. “None of the other organizations scream my name like this one does.”

Even though graduation is on the verge for both Burns and Pettaway, the two remain hopeful they will be able to become members before they receive their diplomas.

In addition to Kappa Alpha Psi joining the National Pan-Hellenic Council at Belmont, talks have begun to bring a chapter of first and oldest African-American female sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha, to Belmont.

Sarah Rochford, coordinator of student activities, is the student adviser for all Greek organizations on campus. She has made an effort to reach out to the local and regional offices of the sorority.

“I’ve made some calls, so we will see what happens. We’d love to add AKAs on campus. It would really add some more excitement on campus.”

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