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UPDATE: Gas leak causes Dickens residents to evacuate

2:58 p.m. University officials said construction crews were working on the second phase of the new residence building next to Dickens when a backhoe struck a natural gas pipeline in between the building and 15th Avenue.

Carbon monoxide alarms in the Dickens parking garage detected the gas leak right away and turned on fans to clear the air.

Students were asked to evacuate the residence hall, and 15th Avenue was closed off as a precaution. The Nashville Fire Department responded and arrived quickly at the scene to cap the gas leak.

Jason Rogers, Vice-President for Administration and University Counsel, said that the university was pleased with the response to the situation.

“We dealt with a dangerous situation in a very effective manner,” Rogers said.

There were no injuries. An email will be sent out to students to further explain the situation.

2:12 p.m. Officials have said that the gas leak situation is under control. Evacuated residents are now allowed to return to Dickens Hall and the surrounding areas.

1:55 p.m. Residents of Dickens Hall were evacuated this afternoon due to  a gas leak that officials believed started outside of the parking garage but was detected in the garage of the residence building.

As a precautionary measure, Bruin Hills has also been evacuated. At this time the 15th Avenue pedestrian crosswalk has been closed off.

The Curb Event Center has been opened for displaced students.

Courtney Martinez contributed to this report. 

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