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Vision to expand editorial staff

Every November, it’s the same story. Stress and the mentality to just push through are the dominant mode for all students.

With projects, papers and final exams looming, it’s easy to get caught up in the now.

But we here at the Vision are looking beyond the stress of the next few weeks and even the holidays. We are looking to the organization’s future. Or future leadership I should say.

Today I’m happy to announce the additions of Gracie Helms, Heather Thompson and Will Hadden to the Vision’s editorial staff for next semester.

Helms, a sophomore journalism major, will be one half of the co-managing editor position but will operate in her wheelhouse of human interest pieces by serving as the Vision’s de facto features editor.  Her time as a staff reporter has allowed Helms to showcase a variety of skills in a short time period such as in-depth features, a nose for stories, ideas for promotion and the gumption necessary to find sources. She has covered the opening of a new 12th South staple, set down with sociology professor and Associate Dean for Academics for the College of Arts & Sciences and talked with the man behind the art hanging in Wheeler.

Filling the other half of the co-managing editor slot is Hadden. Also a sophomore journalism major, Hadden has spent the last year building a beat with the Student Government Association and has provided a much needed news element to the staff. He’ll continue to cover SGA but will add in a wider news angle as he steps up to handle hard news stories for the Vision. His willingness to gather details and stick with a story has shown prominently in his coverage of the Phi Delta Theta SGA resolution and the following meeting where it was voted on.

Rounding out the trio is English writing major and education minor, Thompson. The self-declared “grammar enthusiast”  will help us ensure that our reporting is solid and clean from mistakes in her role as copy editor. Since her freshman year, Thompson has been consistent with the Vision. From her constant presence on staff to her clean copy, she has shown an ability to write and a drive to continue improving her skills. While her position will be more of a behind the scenes gig, Thompson’s work will allow the Vision staff to spend more time on actual reporting.

These additions will not only fill voids in our leadership, it will help the Vision continue on its goal to provide a online news organization by students for Belmont and to build a strong base for the future.

I know we here at the Vision are excited to see what our newly-hired editorial staffers will bring to the table and hope that you are too.

Vision editor Autumn Allison is a senior journalism major. 

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