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What would Belmont Jesus do?

Brock Martynowski/Belmont Vision

Jesus has made his second coming apparent and it is not in the way you would think.

Bray Stratton, a freshman international business major, has taken it upon himself to dress up as Belmont Jesus.

“It started senior year of high school when I dressed up as Jesus for Halloween,” Stratton said.

During summer orientation, Stratton saw a guy dressed up as Jesus and wanted to do the same.

It was a God thing.

“I thought ‘well that’s just fantastic,’” he said. “I’m going to bring out my robe and we can do a duo thing.”

Stratton had a come to Jesus moment, and wanted others to have it, too.

“If you’re wearing a Jesus robe around, people are going to be like ‘oh it’s Jesus’ as opposed to just walking down the street in normal clothes you probably won’t talk to that many people,” said Stratton.

It has been said that he has baptized people in the fountain on Freedom Plaza.

Stratton did not confirm nor deny the rumors.

“I can’t think of anyone better to dress up as and imitate. I am really pleased there is a student who is acting like Jesus,” said theology professor Steven Guthrie.

Stratton hopes his ventures do not offend anyone but instead cheer them up and get people talking about the Lord.

“It’s important to be respectful about it and not do anything that would be offensive to any groups of people. As long as you navigate within those bounds you are able to connect with a lot of people,” Stratton said.

Stratton hopes students will witness him as Jesus over his four years at Belmont and have their own religious experience.

“I feel like I’ve met so many people doing this and really just engaged with so many people that I would like to continue doing that,” he said.

“God bless you.”

This article was written by Hannah Webster.

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