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Women’s soccer coach Heather Henson earns most wins in program history

Heather Henson became the winningest coach in Belmont women’s soccer history after the Bruins beat Morehead State on Sept. 21.

With the Morehead State win, Henson earned her 53rd win at Belmont since she started coaching the Bruins in 2011.

Her career record is now 55-63-2.

“It is an honor, and quite honestly I don’t see it as an individual award. I have some unbelievable alumni that I had the privilege of being able to coach and an amazing coaching staff,” said Henson.

This year, the women’s soccer program has the best coaching staff the program has ever seen, she said.

“Our staff cares, and their heart and areas of expertise pour into our team and make us complete. I’m so blessed to have great young ladies and an amazing staff that bring great things and complete our program,” said Henson.

The coaching staff sets clear values for players to follow, which has been instrumental in helping to lead the Bruins to success.

“Heart, battle, integrity and commitment. We want to be a family, and that’s an important piece to us,” said Henson.

For Henson and the other coaches, their jobs are about more than just developing successful athletes.

“When I got into coaching I knew I wanted to develop my players. Along with that I wanted to develop strong, independent young women. That’s what I go into coaching with: How can I shape them so when they graduate college they’re ready for the world?”

In return, the players bring resiliency and passion for the game, Henson said.

“I see them pour themselves into it, I can’t imagine doing anything without them,” Henson said. “I see players get injuries, and I want to take it for them so they can keep playing.”

The support that Belmont offers has also contributed to the team’s success, she said.

“There’s a family aspect from the department and from the university. I’m so thankful for that community support that I know our players are feeling,” Henson said.

The Bruins are staying motivated throughout their long season and are ready to battle for conference play wins, she said.

“We will fuel ourselves to continue to win games because of the heart we play with and the family we have,” said Henson.

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This article written by Marissa Avnaim. Photo courtesy of Belmont Athletics

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