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The Belmont Vision is the official, award-winning online news resource for Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.

Our site — ranked Best College News Site at the 2017 Southeast Journalism Conference — is updated daily with campus news, arts and entertainment coverage, sports and more, all from the Belmont community and beyond.




Sarah Maninger ('22) is majoring in journalism with a minor in sports administration.

Sarah transferred to Belmont in August of 2020 and will graduate this December, after which she hopes to work for a major network covering hard news. This is her fifth semester at the Vision. For the past year, she served as the Vision’s managing editor. 

Despite being from California — she tries not to make that fact her entire personality — Sarah loves the Tennessee hills and will go exploring whenever she has a few free hours. 

Email: sarah.maninger@pop.belmont.edu


Managing Editor

David Pang ('23) is a double major in journalism and audio engineering technology from Dallas, Texas. David started out at the Belmont Vision covering the soccer beat. He now covers news and assists in the production of the Vision’s office concert series. If David could live anywhere in the contiguous United States, he would live in Colorado Springs because he believes the mountains are better than the beach.


Status: Still alive; for daily updates follow @DPangDaily on Instagram.


Email: david.pang@pop.belmont.edu


Sports Editor

AJ Wuest ('23) is a journalism major with a sport administration minor going into his third year with the Vision. He hails from the small country town of Temple, Georgia, which is roughly 45 minutes west of Atlanta. AJ is a huge fan of Atlanta sports — especially the Falcons. One might find him jogging around campus or at the FitRec. A.J. loves covering sports but also tries his hand with entertainment journalism from time to time. A fun fact about AJ is that he throws a baseball with his left arm and a football with his right.


Email: aj.wuest@pop.belmont.edu

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VNN Executive Producer

Chandler Maynard ('23) is a Nashville native majoring in journalism with a video production minor and will be graduating in December of 2023. Chandler would proudly describe herself as loud, outgoing, and — as some would say — a “firecracker.” Although video producing is still somewhat new to her, her dream job is to produce and edit videos for brands, Youtubers, online media companies or news channels in a big city that doesn’t have any cold weather. When she’s not grinding in Adobe Premiere, she’s probably building Harry Potter Legos, shopping for clothes she doesn’t need, having her 5th coffee of the day or being fiercely over-dressed for a casual occasion. 


Email: chandler.maynard@pop.belmont.edu

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Senior Writer

Gus Sneh ('23) is a computer science major from Nashville, TN. He found out he needed a minor in order to graduate in an academic advising meeting during his sophomore year, and chose journalism on a whim. He started writing for the Vision that year and has been a proud member of the team since. His interests include but aren’t limited to: politics, history, activism, music, and film/ tv shows. He’s also a beast in the kitchen. 

Email: gus.sneh@pop.belmont.edu


Social Media Editor

Lillie Ryann Burke ('23) is a journalism major and social media management minor who prides herself as a thrift store fashionista, iced coffee fanatic, social media genius and Wordle goddess. Though originally from Oklahoma, she certainly doesn’t dress like it, spare for the occasional cowboy hat. She runs the Vision social channels, designed this very website, and completely rebranded our platforms with a new logo and fresh, cutting-edge graphics. If she’s on her phone, she’s either designing, posting or looking at runway photos. After college, Burke hopes to someday take over Vogue’s social media or creative direct their Youtube videos. Back up plan? A coffee shop run out of a camper in Seattle. We’ll see where it goes.

Email: lillie.burke@pop.belmont.edu

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Senior Copyeditor

Sophie Slusher ('23) is a publishing major and music business minor from Kansas City, Kansas. This is her first year at the Belmont Vision. In her free time, she enjoys reading and going on hikes. Her favorite mark of punctuation is the em dash. 


Email: sophia.slusher@pop.belmont.edu


VNN Anchor:
Sports Report

Finn Birnie (‘23) is a journalism major with a psychology minor going into his first full year with the Vision. When he isn’t saying “Hello, and welcome to the Belmont Weekly Sports Report,” you’ll find him clocking miles with the Belmont cross-country team. Finn loves nothing more than Marmite on toast and being complimented on his accent (yes, he is from England).

Email: finn.birnie@pop.belmont.edu


Faculty Adviser

Dorren Robinson is an assistant professor of journalism and award-winning former journalist. She wrote for The Tennessean for more than 15 years before entering the world of academia. She teaches Foundations of Journalism, Writing for Media and Advanced Storytelling. Her office is Johnson Center 106.

Email: dorren.robinson@belmont.edu


Senior News Writer

Connor Daryani ('23), a Dallas, Texas native, came to journalism his junior year at Belmont. Now the senior news writer at the Vision, Connor is interested in covering politics and social issues. When he’s not in the Vision office, he’s probably either out climbing rocks or eating food. Despite growing up in the south, Connor despises the heat, and hopes to someday live somewhere he can wear layers year around.

Email: connor.daryani@pop.belmont.edu

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VNN Anchor

Hanley Riggs ('23) is a journalism major with a sports and media minor. This is her third year with the Vision. She is from “The City of Champions,” “TOMpma Bay” — Tampa, Florida. Her favorite thing to cover at the Vision is Belmont Athletics; she loves writing feature articles as well as video pieces that show these athletes in a new light, besides just playing their sport. A fun fact about her: when the Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup in 2020, the trophy came to her house for a big celebration! Her biggest dream is to be reporting from the sidelines at the Super Bowl one day.

Email: hanley.riggs@pop.belmont.edu

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