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17 ways to take a personal spring break

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Spring break is canceled. The struggle is real. 

Without a pause from classes, the shortened semester might feel like a never-ending, socially-distant, mentally-draining period of time. With the mindset of ‘I just need to make it through this week,’ there is limited room for mental recovery.

But, good health is more important than good grades. So, here is a list of things to do for Bruins who need a mental spring break:

1. Technology detox

You have heard it before; blue light and social media is a killer. The wonderful thing is that it will all still be there when you feel like you need it – but do you though? Do you really?


Well, as restrictions due to COVID-19 also affect animal shelters, volunteering at locations like Nashville Humane Society is probably your best bet for some puppy love. Giving a little love and receiving lots of love can be a helpful resource for some extra energy.

3. Volunteer

Helping others is a way of helping yourself. It feels good and might open your eyes to new perspectives (and even get you WELL-Core credit!). Both Google and the Get Connected tab on your MyBelmont page are a few useful resources.

4. Have a dance party!

Drive to the nearest or furthest away empty parking lot you can find, put on your favorite tunes and dance it out with your friends, socially-distanced– 100% recommend, preferably in the rain.

5. Talk about it

Whether it is with a family member or friend, professor or one of our lovely campus counselors, tell others how you are feeling, what you are thinking, what is happening in your life. It helps. Also listen and encourage your people to share their struggles, spring break is more fun with friends.

6. Be creative

If you don’t feel comfortable talking about certain things, think about them yourself! Journal, meditate, paint, make music, cook a delicious meal or skip right to the dessert – create an outlet for your unexpressed thoughts and emotions.

7. Play GeoGuessr!

GeoGuessr is the perfect way to travel without leaving your home. The game lets you discover the world through Google Maps and is probably the closest thing you can get to traveling and exploring areas outside Davidson County.

8. Walk aimlessly

Walk without a plan. Don’t pay attention, and then try to find your way back (safely). It’s a good way to clear your head and get your steps in.

9. Take a cold shower…

… make a cup of tea and watch your favorite movie rolled into as many blankets as you can find. Maybe even invest in a weighted blanket – you deserve it.

10. Watch the sunrise and/or sunset

Chase those rays of vitamin D. Go on a sunrise hike to Radnor Lake State Park or have a sunset picnic at Love Circle. Bring a book, listen to a podcast, enjoy the view.

11. Take a nap

But change the scenery a little bit. Maybe the lawn, 4th floor of JAAC or your car can get it done. You can also just lay back and watch the clouds move, make a story of the creatures you see and forget about everything else for a while.

12. Learn something you don’t have to know

Random facts are always fun. Sure, we can ask Siri, but imagine the satisfaction in memorizing all the world’s flags, understanding the difference between sourdough, white and whole wheat bread or being able to name the compartments of a cow’s stomach. So cool!

13. Scream into a pillow

14. Move around

They say yoga is great, kubb is a lot of fun, playing some kind of ball – basketball, volleyball, spike ball – also gets you going and can hopefully consume other thoughts for a bit.

15. Game Night

Invite your roommates to play UNO, Monopoly, Cards Against Humanity, poker, Jackbox, dominoes or any other game you fancy. The small victories in life are just as important and losing with dignity can be quite humbling.

16. Silent disco

Oh yes, more dancing! Crank the volume up in your headphones and relieve some of that stress. Here is a random Spotify playlist, but don’t forget about boyband bangers by One Direction and soundtracks from fun films like Camp Rock. Maybe listen to something in another language to really get lost in the music.

17. You are not alone

Listen to Billie Eilish or watch Thoraya on YouTube and you might feel better about your mental struggles. Also, your Belmont community is here for you!

This article written by Jessica Mattsson.

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