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Belmont Medical School Opens Its Doors

Thomas F. Frist, Jr. College of Medicine Building, Braden Simmons

The new Thomas F. Frist, Jr. College of Medicine is going to bring about an interdisciplinary learning experience that will include all healthcare disciplines at Belmont, said President Greg Jones. 


Belmont’s College of Medicine opened its doors to the public on Monday morning. Students, faculty and the inaugural class of students were in attendance as Greg Jones and other faculty cut the ribbon on the new building. The building took roughly three years to complete and has six different floors for medical students to use.  


“We gather for a landmark moment in the history of Belmont University. One that has been years in the making,” said Jones. 


The school will open fully in July when students begin their first classes. 


“The center will elevate education by providing immersive hands-on experiences that closely mirror real-world health care settings, ensuring students are thoroughly prepared for their future roles in patient care and interdisciplinary collaboration,” said Jones. 


Within the six floors of the building, students will find a variety of learning spaces ranging from more traditional auditorium classrooms to simulated hospital rooms. 


Belmont’s medical school is now the third in Nashville joining Meharry Medical College and Vanderbilt University’s School of Medicine. 


“As the city continues to grow. We need investments like today to support the future of Nashville,” said Jamari Brown, director of economic and community development in the mayor’s office. 


Belmont’s first class will be integral as the medical school currently only has preliminary status. 


The college previously met 12 standards set by the LCME in July 2023 but the school will have to complete more steps as the class progresses through its time at Belmont.   


The school will try to get provisional accreditation after the class finishes its first year and then it will seek full accreditation as the class enters its fourth year. 


“Accreditation through LCME is necessary for medical schools to participate in federal programs and grants and is required for graduates to receive licensure from most state medical licensing boards,” said Belmont in an announcement from October 2023.


The school has been building the program with the help of faculty for at least the last year. 


“We've been focused on student experience, we made a commitment to design an unapologetic rigorous curriculum couched in a nurturing environment that will include intentional programming and services to nurture character and foster wellness and a sense of belonging,” said Karen Lewis the medical school’s associate dean for student affairs and diversity. 


The first group of medical students will return to begin their classes on July 29 when the building officially opens for teaching. 


“We’re setting the stage for an era of physicians who will go beyond traditional boundaries to affect meaningful change in our communities,” said Jones. 


This article was written by Braden Simmons

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May 22

Belmont's approach to medical education is noteworthy. This can contribute to a more balanced and resilient Buildnow GG future generation of doctors.


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Wilson Rosie
Wilson Rosie
May 20

The fact that the new six-story building was completed in just three years suggests Belmont's strong commitment to establishing a state-of-the-art medical education facility. connections game


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Sofa Blum
May 14

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