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Belmont Vandalized with Graffiti

Photo courtesy of Seth Thorpe

Two unknown suspects vandalized over 25 locations across Belmont University’s campus with graffiti late Thursday night before Alumni Reunion weekend kicked off.  


The suspects were seen on footage roaming campus, vandalizing multiple buildings including the Jack C. Massey and Johnson Centers for over an hour, according to an email Campus Security sent Friday afternoon.  


It appeared that suspects made a loop around the Barbara Massey Rogers Center, worked their way around Soccer Field Drive and then headed towards many of the north academic buildings before exiting near Belmont Boulevard near Chick-Fil-A, said Chief of Campus Security Mark Labbe.  

Photo courtesy of Melody Scott

“On occasion, we get people writing things with markers, but not to this scale where they basically just walked down and wrote on whatever they wanted,” Labbe said.  


While the cost of damages is currently unknown, Alumni Reunion Weekend has proceeded as scheduled with Belmont’s Facility Management Services already repairing some on Friday afternoon.  

Photo courtesy of Seth Thorpe

Labbe also said students are at no risk of harm.   


“It’s not something I think they need to perceive as dangerous to them, but it’s an unfortunate event with the Reunion Weekend,” Labbe said.  


If a similar event happens in the future, Labbe said students should call Campus Security immediately to report the incident.  


“We always have officers out patrolling, so if you see something, we want you to say something,” Labbe said.  

Photo of the suspects courtesy of Campus Security

Campus Security is currently reviewing the footage and working to find the suspects responsible. They are asking if anyone has information to email Campus Security or call 615-460-6617 immediately.  



This article was written by Seth Thorpe

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Jul 03

This is really unacceptable, playing basketball legends on campus is enough for entertainment, I think, after that, precautions can be taken by installing cameras or security.


Jun 29

This is awful! Unbelievable that someone would deface the campus like that right before a big Retro Bowl event. I hope Campus Security can catch those responsible.

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