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Bruin Beats: Vice President for Spiritual Development Todd Lake

The Vision has teamed up with leaders from organizations across campus to bring you weekly Spotify playlists from students and staff.

Vice President for Spiritual Development Todd Lake shared 10 of his favorite songs with the Vision for our third installment. Lake explains why he chose each song below.

There is literally not a genre of music I don’t love if it is done well.

I especially like counter-cultural songs that challenge the world as it is and give us a glimpse of the world as God intends it to be—from Handel’s “Messiah” to “One Love” by  Bob Marley.

It is great when outstanding musicians don’t shy away from deep Christian themes in their work, from “Sympathy for the Devil” by the Rolling Stones, or most anything by U2.

These are just a few that came to mind.

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