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Country Music Showcase: Betsy Lane

As she gets ready to take the stage for the Country Music Showcase, Nashville native Betsy Lane credits her father’s musical talent as the initial inspiration behind her own passion for music.

“My dad was super musical and I grew up around his constant creativity,” said Lane. “When he would be putting us to bed, he would make up songs about putting us in our pajamas and I think that’s how I ended up writing songs.”

Lane categorizes her writing style as “singer-songwriter with country roots,” and her sound is influenced by the music of Shania Twain, Martina McBride and Kacey Musgraves.

What is most personally important to Lane about the genre of country music is its storytelling aspect. Through honest lyrics and melodies, she communicates her own stories to her fans and listeners.

“I love how honest you can be in country music and the fact that a song can really tell a story,” said Lane.

In June 2014, Lane released her EP, “Southern Crazy”, which charted at No. 46 in the United States and at No. 21 in the United Kingdom on the iTunes country charts.

Playing with her at the showcase will be Carey Grabemen on guitar, Raymond Standiford on drums, Kellen Moss on keys, Kelly Hagan on fiddle, Erik Maynard on bass and Monica Moser and Catelyn Lester on background vocals.

Her manager for the showcase is her good friend, Chelsea Wales.

This is Lane’s first showcase at Belmont. She is excited and ready to share her music with the Belmont audience as well as with the world of country music.

Although she is a fan of current country music, she strives to bring the genre back to its roots. One of her goals is to “move country music back to where it used to be.”

“That’s one of the reasons why I am really glad to be in showcase as a female, to represent country music and where I want country music to go,” Lane said.

Betsy Lane’s music is available on iTunes and Spotify.

This article was written by Jackie Zeisloft.

Photo Courtesy: Jenna Clare Photography

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