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Don’t get stuck in the cold: Five local shops for fall, winter fashion

Don’t be fooled by the fluctuating weather. It’s only a matter of time before 80-degree days are replaced with 40-degree mornings and we’re all begging the humidity of the summer to take us back. This summer of an October is just to lull us into a false sense of security. Don’t let yourself get stuck in the cold with nothing in your closet but high-waisted shorts and striped shirts.

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Local Honey

It only makes sense to start with Local Honey since it’s the closest to campus. The pristine white house planted squarely on Belmont Boulevard is pretty hard to avoid. You go there innocently enough, maybe looking for a sweater or something floral. You leave with new hair, a new name and an empty 401k. The store boasts styles from the 1950s through the 1990s and holds everything from shoes to overcoats. Pay special attention to their clearance bins hidden in the back. It’s there you find the pieces that are waiting to make their comebacks.

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8th Avenue Antique Mall

8th Avenue Antique Mall is where the packrat in all of us can run wild and free. From the street, the storefront looks subdued and unassuming, but inside the doors it’s bigger than you dared to hope and teeming with memorabilia, throwback technology and band shirts that were undoubtedly purchased at the original shows in the 70s. If you’re looking for a fur or denim coat– and who secretly isn’t– make sure to add here to your list.

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The Hip Zipper

The Hip Zipper, located in East Nashville, is a goldmine of vintage clothing. The store buys vintage clothing from Nashville residents and proudly offers a full closet of curated classic men and women’s clothing. The store is also within walking distance from Five Points Pizza, so you can pop into The Hip Zipper, buy a reasonably priced flannel that both keeps you warm and pays homage to the 90s and then celebrate your success with a slice.

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Pre to Post Modern

If it has been your life’s goal to dress like Andie– or Ducky for that matter, from “Pretty in Pink”– look no further. Pre to Post Modern has all the threads you need to dress like an 80s film star who can brave the cold. The store, located on 8th Avenue, is only a few miles away from campus, and their coat section is filled with a terrifying and beautiful selection of windbreakers, ponchos, letterman jackets and fur-lined denim.

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A list of places to find thrifted winter clothing wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Goodwill. Next time you turn to the grandfather of used clothing, consider going to a location other than one in Berry Hill. The competition for stylish pieces is less cutthroat the further you are from campus. If you want to stay close and try your luck, it’s practically a requirement that every Goodwill have enough sweaters to fill a small country, so you should be fine when it comes to winterizing.

Article and photos by Paula Ramirez.

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