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EDITORIAL: Kicking off new school year, new series with the Belmont Vision

It’s another year back to school and another year with student news from the Belmont Vision.

This year, we’re returning with a great staff, including copy editor Rebecca Arnold, managing editor Grant Robinson, sports editor Celida Salcedo, A&E editor Lexi Brunk, photo editor Hunter Morgan, senior news writers Ally Pace and Jessica King, general news writers Melissa Kriz and Zach Gilchreist and audio manager Max Mason.

Some Vision favorites are back again for 2016-2017 with installations of Bruin Blitz, Inside the Industry and Meet the New Bruins, while new series are in the works, including a profile series on Belmont administration, additions to our audio program as it approaches its first birthday and so much more.

It is necessary, however, to shed light on one of our upcoming series in particular.

This summer, I had the privilege to attend the #CollegeDebate16 conference in San Francisco along with college students from around the country. The program gave us a means by which to discuss issues relevant to millennials in the upcoming presidential election and learn about voter access, civil discourse and social media in politics from speakers including Belmont’s own Dr. Sybril Brown.

Bringing this experience back to Nashville, I’ve had the chance to be a part of BruinVote16, a campus-wide and Vision-sponsored initiative to help students get involved with the election and voice what matters most through voter registration drives, convocations and other events during the semester. While the topics of each event may vary, the goal is to be an on-campus portal for helping students recognize the characteristics and outcomes of the upcoming election that will affect our lives at Belmont and beyond.

In order to avoid even the appearance of a bias or conflict of interest, I will not be participating in the reporting process of events connected to the BruinVote16 program. For these stories, I will act solely in my position as editor of the paper. That includes checking the articles for grammar and content alongside other members of the Belmont Vision staff, who I am confident will help ensure objectivity in these matters. I may, however, occasionally publish editorial articles surrounding the events or the topics they present.

It is important the Vision maintain trust and transparency with its readers, and our doors are open to students of all years, majors and areas of interest, with meetings on Mondays at 10 a.m. and office hours throughout the week. Questions and comments can be delivered in person, via email or by social media, and organization members and event organizers are always welcome to reach out to us with information or drop by our office to chat.

We love to hear about what matters to our fellow students, and I’m excited for another year of sharing student news and student views here at the Belmont Vision.

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