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Fornication flowers rumor found false

The truth is out and a classic Belmont rumor has finally been proven false.

The age-old rumor states any students found in violation of Belmont’s Sexual Misconduct policy are fined an undetermined sum. This sum is then sent to Plant Operations who use it to fund their flower budget.

Both the director of residence life, Anthony Donovan, and assistant director of residence life, Rebekah Stewart, denied the rumor’s credibility.

“It’s absolutely untrue. I’ve been around for 13 years, and in the last four or five years this rumor has seemed to pick up some steam. I think people find it entertaining to talk about this, and I think that’s why it persists,” said Donovan.

With Belmont’s strict zero-tolerance policy and meticulously well-manicured lawn, it’s no wonder that this rumor was so easily believed and so quickly spread.

In truth, no fines are given for misconduct of any kind. The only fines Belmont University imposes on students are for health and safety violations. The Office of Residence Life’s official stance when faced with a misconduct issue is typically to assign an essay with varying topics dependent upon the infraction.

“Fines are something you impose when you have a need for one. Say you damage university property, there might be a fine attached to that to compensate for the cost. But a case where someone is found in violation of the sexual misconduct policy isn’t something that fits in line with the philosophy of fining,” said Donovan.

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