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Gift from Archer family allows for $10 million endowment

Belmont’s Presidential Scholarship will now be the Archer Presidential Scholarship, following the announcement of a $10 million endowment with the university from the Archer family, according to a press release on Friday.

Belmont matched the Archer family’s $5 million gift to help perpetuate the full-ride scholarship for Belmont’s top students.

James Archer, president and CEO of the Nashville based MV2 Entertainment, and his wife Lois announced their gift as a way recognize the university’s commitment to values-based leadership, according to the press release.

University president Dr. Robert Fisher expressed his gratitude for the Archer family’s gift, and hopes Belmont can continue to show high levels of leadership.

“This new gift is not only extremely generous, but it also demonstrates the Archers’ commitment to the importance of values-based leadership at every level of an organization,” Fisher said.

Archer, citing his time in both Texas oil and the Nashville music industry, praised the values showed by Belmont.

“My time to date at Belmont has shown me this university shares those values, and Lois and I are honored to further support their efforts in promoting values-based leadership to Belmont’s students, faculty and staff,” he said.

Photo courtesy of Belmont’s Office of Communications.

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