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Good Clean Fun

Who is Good Clean Fun? He’s throwing formal dance parties, cheesy Valentine’s Day parties and wreaking musical havoc in Buzzy’s Candy Store.

Good Clean Fun is Jon Dalman, a 20-year-old audio engineering technology major at Belmont. His dance parties have become the latest buzz around campus with their aim to be places where students feel welcome and free from the burdens of temptation and peer pressure.

Dalman came to Belmont knowing that he wanted to be involved in ministry. But unlike a community service group or a Bible study, Good Clean Fun (GCF) provides a new take on Christian ministry. GCF was founded one evening in early September during a bonfire hosted by Dalman’s roommates. A group of kids began to dance to the tunes coming out of an iPod and single PA speaker and declared that they would not stop until the party was over. As the night progressed, Dalman noticed that the kids were more than just dancing; they were “letting go of worries, letting go of what other people might be thinking,” Dalman said.

“I remember a couple of kids in particular who were very shy kids that just couldn’t take it anymore,” he said. “They released all of their social anxiety and self-conscious feelings and began to dance with the group. The euphoria that we felt after summer nights like these was unexplainable and I knew that I had to show as many people as possible.”

Dalman believes GCF provides a truly unique and fun experience.

“I want to show kids that there is a place to have a good time with your friends late on a Friday night that doesn’t involve drugs, alcohol, lying to your parents, or compromising yourself to prove anything to anyone,” Dalman said.

“I feel as though these types of environments only exist in youth groups, or church retreats. Although this is very Christ-influenced for me, it is not a youth group. It is a group of kids that just want to be free, creating a positive communal sense of worth.”

After investing in a bit more sound equipment and spreading the word to fellow students, GCF took off from there. Though Dalman may be the front man behind the action, three of his close friends have assisted on the media end. Juniors Josh Cypher and Bennett Farkas and sophomore Donnie Hedden help with event photos, artwork, videos and the trademark photo booth found at every GCF event.

“All have been influential, motivational and very encouraging,” Dalman said. “They are very close to me, and it would be hard to do this with out them.”

So what’s in store for Good Clean Fun?

“I have had three parties on campus in the past four weeks. So I am just recouping from all that,” he said.

In the meantime, he’s planning for the next party to happen around spring break.

Dalman made it clear that GCF is not about making a name for himself as a DJ.

“It is about providing a positive clean environment that you can rely on. In order to keep this establishment running, I need help, donations of creativity, time, venues, money, all of the above.”

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