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Grimey’s expands to ‘Too’ next door

When it comes to change, Grimey’s record store and its owners are no amateurs.

The Eighth Avenue South music hub was founded in 1999 by Mike Grimes and Doyle Davis and has seen multiple advancements since then, including new locations, retail catalogs and a reputation as a local concert venue.

Now, it will expand its territory to a neighboring building dubbed Grimey’s Too. The facility, slated to having its grand opening Saturday, will include local businesses Howlin’ Books and Frothy Monkey.

The expansion will give Grimey’s more space for its extensive catalog of music.

“The plans have been in the works since last August,” Davis said. “We originally had the idea to expand because of the robust interest in vinyl. It has been the No. 1 selling product for us and we want to be able to carry more vinyl in order to have a wide array of choices. Vinyl surpassed CD sales for us in 2011, so we’ve been sure to capitalize on this renaissance of records.”

Davis said including Frothy Monkey and Howlin’ Books in the new store was a natural move.

“Jessica Kimbrough, the bookkeeper for Grimey’s, is also the accountant for both Howlin’ Books and Frothy Monkey,” he said. “Jessica mentioned that she and Gwil Owen, her business partner, were interested in opening a bookstore within the area. We considered the option to sublease our Grimey’s expansion with Howlin’ Books and found that it would be a fantastic idea.”

Kimbrough later asked Frothy Monkey whether they would expand as well.

“It’s the perfect combination,” he said. Music, books and coffee, you can’t beat that.”

Davis, much like many of those involved in Grimey’s Too, is optimistic the combination of the three businesses will welcome customers and enhance their shopping experiences.

“Grimey’s Too is going to be a place where people can come and hang out while shopping at the same time. We built a deck outside for people to relax and show off their spoils after shopping, ” he said. “We also plan on installing free wi-fi for our customers and eventually want to obtain a license to serve craft beers.”

Grimey’s, also known for its in-store concerts, will be incorporating some performances in the Grimey’s Too building, which will include other events such as book releases and author signings. Now, Davis said the venue can house concerts that were hard to schedule around with The Basement located below the store.

Although the store is only starting to implement its landmark change, Davis and the rest of the staff still have huge plans and goals for the business’ future.

“We always want everything to be bigger and better. We are always challenging ourselves to have more events, a diverse product line and to be well known within the Nashville community,” Davis said. ‘We want local graphic artists to have their artwork decorating our walls; we want posters advertising Nashville local bands on our tables and to create a buzz for all those who are involved.”

For the store, the expansion in just the next step of an unlikely journey, he said.

“Grimey’s has always grown when it’s been time to grow, when it’s needed to grow and when it’s had the funds to grow,” Davis said. “This is a new chapter in the store’s history from two guys who never imagined the possibilities of what could happen. It has always been a business based on passion.”

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